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Apple Mac Recovery

Apple Mac Recovery

Although many users prefer Microsoft platforms there is still a very large base of Apple Macintosh users in the UK. Apple Mac data recovery presents different challenges to Microsoft, Unix and Linux based file systems and differing file formats meaning Mac recovery is best left to the Apple Mac experts.

As industry leaders our Mac recovery team have also developed techniques to be able to recover data from Apple's time capsule devices.

A time capsule is an Apple formatted network attached drive that stores OS X time machine backup files, unfortunately just as with any other drives failures do occur which is why many Mac and PC users are now turning to safer online data back up facilities as well as have a local backup on a time capsule for instance.

Our Mac recovery services are not only restricted to Macs, Macbook data recovery (including the latest Macbook Air), X-Serve and X-Serve RAID systems though.

Mac Recovery not only includes the latest Apple Mac hardware but also legacy Mac systems including the Powerbook range, iBooks, both PowerMac and PowerPC based eMacs & iMacs. Supported file systems include HFS, UFS,  MFS as well as variants of the HFS+ file system.

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