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Hard Drive Repair

Hard Drive Repair & Hard Disk Repair

Hard drive repair will most likely be required If your drive is suffering from mechanical hard drive failure which could be caused by a number of different internal or external factors including failed logic boards, Bad sectors on the hard disk platters and head crashes to name but a few.

Early correct diagnosis and data image capture are crucial as an attempt to do a software data recovery on a mechanically failing drive can cause total data loss in extreme cases.

In a majority of cases a potential hard drive failure will manifest itself in a number of ways which could range from erratic behaviour of your operating system, file and or system errors or the drive will simply not start or be recognised.

Mechanical hard disk drive failure can also be highlighted by strange sounds coming from your drive which could be clicking sounds from the drive, grinding noises or even high pitched sounds.

Most audible warnings are indicative of an impending hard disk failure so you should shut down your system as soon as possible and seek advice to avoid potential data loss or further hard drive recovery complications.   

Our expert team are experienced in both simple and complex hard drive repair techniques in a clean room environment, and have access to an extensive stock holding of replacement hard disk drive components enabling a quick turnaround on hard drive repairs is a majority of cases.

Repairable Hard Drives Include:

Internal and USB External Hard Drives - USB Disk Drives - Network Attached Storage Drives - IDE,SCSI & Serial ATA (Sata) Hard Drives - Laptop and Macbook Drives - Hard Disk Drives from the following manufacturers including Maxtor Hard Drives, Seagate, IBM and Hitachi Drives and hard disks from Toshiba, Samsung, Western Digital, LaCie ,Fujitsu & HP  

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