Hard Drive Data Recovery - Hard Disk Recovery

Hard Drive Recovery

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard drive recovery may be required due to a number of different causes which can either result from file corruption (logical failure) and mechanical failure.

Unlike simple file recovery which involves the loss of one or a number of files hard drive recovery is generally far more serious. 

With logical failures retrieval can often be achieved with basic software based solutions however depending on the extent of the corruption software utilites can actually cause damage to the data and if the drive has a mechanical problem software utilities may also cause further drive damage.

Correct early diagnosis of hard drive failure is crucial as the wrong solution can cause further data loss, so if you suspect or you can hear that your hard disk is suffering from audible mechanical problems then you could be on your way to a head crash or disk failure.

Shut down your computer at the earliest opportunity and seek professional advice.

Our technicians are experienced in both basic and advanced software retrieval techniques for computers, servers and also laptop data recovery.

As well as mechanical spinning platter drives we are also able to recover data from the latest solid state drives (SSD's) which are now finding their way into laptops and other portable devices.

Recoverable Drives Include:

Internal Hard Drives - External Hard Drives - USB Disk Drives - Network Attached Storage Devices - IDE,SCSI & Sata Hard Drives - Laptop, Notebook & Macbook Drives - Hard Disk Drives From Maxtor, Seagate, IBM, Hitachi, Toshiba, Samsung, Western Digital,LaCie ,Fujitsu and HP 

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